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I've always used these modules to talk directly to a serial port. It works, but it's slow and not very reliable. My USB port is my keyboard and mouse and my serial port is my modem (3G/4G) and router. This is because I need these modules to be active all the time because I use a mobile internet SIM card for my 3G/4G. Whenever I plug the SIM card into the router, the 3G/4G connection drops (for me it can only connect to my router at 3G speed), but sometimes it works at G/2G speed, and sometime it doesn't work at all. The module is not the cause of the problem, it's the router. I don't know if this happens to you too. On the contrary, I don't need to use a hub or dongle. I just plug the SIM card into the router and I have access to my 3G/4G connection. I am not sure if it is possible, but I could do a custom filter for the usb part of the serial port. If this is possible I would really like to know. So I could filter out all the usb traffic (browser) and leave the rest. I will try to give you the info you want but it is not easy. I haven't use the PS/2 interface with direct to USB. You can easily monitor all the traffic coming from and going to the USB ports. But the problem is how to interpret that traffic. The manufacturer of the device send out a lot of information that is impossible for the user to know. If I remember correctly the display information can be a problem. The best way to do this is with an embedded software project. But this is too hard to explain. I would really like to do it and I would share the sources code. But it is not easy. Here is the info that I think you need. DeviceID Total used on each port Average speed Bytes sent/Received Bytes on each port Total Monitor device is linked This information is the easiest to obtain. You just need to enable the Dbus debug or you can use the GUI. Then select device, usb port and action (over or under) You can see the bytes read/sent. This is the most




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Le Tre Rose Di Eva Stagione 2 Tutti I Torrent Tnt Village rajnman

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